Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where, oh where.. --- Day 128

Walk: R/T Mindful Body
Distance:  8 Blocks and Teach

Some days I get sick of being alone/single.  Then I'm ultra sensitive to all the people who are married - and all the people who meet others at work and then have relationships of various sorts.  Sometimes it feels like work is just a dating pool, and like that is the only way to meet people - in my case an eligible man.  Only people with jobs - or who are already married and then widowed or divorced - are in a position to meet others and form relationships. 

I on the other hand seem condemned to be alone.  I never meet eligible men teaching yoga, and, frankly I did meet men - lots of them - when I did work in downtown settings in NYC, DC and SF but a relationship never came of any of these meetings.  Why?  Maybe I made a mistake in thinking I was working instead of participating in a singles introduction service. 

I've long thought if he was meant to show up, he will.  But maybe that is delusional.  So many people meet in offices, in the professions and I just wasn't the corporate, professional type.  In my fashion I'm a loner, but loners do have significant relationships.  So, I don't know.  I love my life but sometimes, just sometimes...

Dog waiting for owner outside of Mollie Stone's Market.
An option I think of but am afraid that would be the absolute
end.  I'd completely bond with the dog and cease even my
limited forays out into the world.
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