Friday, May 25, 2012

Which camera is best? -- Day 139

Walk: R/T  JCC
Distance: 16 blocks and teach class

Do these images seem significantly different?

The top one was taken with my Canon Power Shot and the bottom with my iphone camera.  I think the focus on the top one is superior but the iphone is so handy for just pointing and shooting while I carry it with me for its other features  - also I didn't have the high definition feature turned on.  Guess if I wanted to go on a photography outing, though, it would be best to bring my cut little Canon - and maybe to get a bit more proficient on techniques. I have a feeling it might be able to  do some nice little tricks.

Here they are again:  The top is the Canon, the middle iphone high def and the bottom is regular iphone. 

See much difference this time?  I thought not.  So think I'll feel confident for blog purposes with my iphone - using the high def. setting.  And speaking of blog purposes, after 139 days, if a consistent theme beyond my life and thoughts doesn't show up, I'm thinking I will turn this year of posts into a book and have a nice record of how things looked and felt for single me with cat on Jackson Street. 

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