Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Yoga Friends -- Day 2/46

Walk: Fort Mason/Greens, Yoga Tree Hayes
Distance: 2 miles and take yoga class

I get down to Ft. Mason and Greens Restaurant just often enough so it is fresh, sparkling and enchanting when I do.   As well as vegetarian and healthy.

Today I was treated to lunch by a dear couple who for at least the first year of my Tuesday yoga class must have committed themselves to making it work for me. He is in his 80's and both of them started yoga shortly after serious back operations. At the beginning of the first class I said "Roll out your mat."  And he looked at me like I was talking in a foreign tongue.  I literally had to walk over and show him how to unroll his mat onto the floor.

So, after that first class I assumed I would never see them again and was kind of relieved because I figured I could give things a month or so and, when no one showed, just forget about teaching yoga.  But, No. Unfailingly, and amazingly to me, one or the other or both of them showed up every single week. There we were: he and I, she and I and or for a Huge class, both of them and me. 

Now we are 12-16, growing, and most probably the largest Tuesday 3:00 class in the Bay Area. And this new size is a lot for them to assimilate.  So much less space for them, not so much individual attention. But really they are revered by everyone in the class - certainly their teacher - and they know this.  As much as I 'need' the class to grow, it was very dear to dine alone with them today when they took me out to celebrate our 10th + anniversary.

There have been many magical things that have happened in the course of my yoga teaching.  Starting with them and their steadfast support.  So (unbeknownst to them)  today's CIWT is dedicated, with love and appreciation to Janet and Ted.  Namaste, dear students and people.

Greens is the last 10-12 windows at the end of one these Fort Mason piers.

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