Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Notes -- Day 2/51

Walk: Not much
Distance: maybe a mile and hit golf balls

 If I hadn't started watching the Oscars when I was a kid I doubt I would be watching them.  But by now The Oscars are a camp, cumulative experience for me.  I have so much history watching them that I am compelled to keep on going.  Something comes on and a part of my mind starts comparing it with some other Oscar show so the whole event broadens, takes on a sense of history - for better or worse. 

Often worse of course now that the studios don't dress and control the stars' images and there are a whole slew of pre-Oscar award shows that make the Oscar picks almost an afterthought.  That said, the lack of studio control has led to many memorable fashion disasters as stars expressed their true selves.  Particularly I remember Demi Moore in biker shorts. Barbra Streisand in some black see-through gauzy pajamas, several years of Cher and, of course, Bjork's swan.

That said, this year the Oscars did surprise with many 'with it' picks: Christoph Waltz (over Tommy Lee Jones), Argo (over Lincoln/Spielberg), Jennifer Lawrence (over old-timie actress from Amour), Searching for Sugarman, and Tarantino for best original screenplay.  So there was a suggestion that they might have broken free from powerhouse studio owners and producers, Hollywood and Jewish themes, banal melodrama.  We'll see.

I always feel badly when the Oscar winner gets a musical crook around his/her neck and is dragged off the stage mid-acceptance speech.  This when the presenters have 'hogged' the time with 'comedy' routines, monologues and song and dance numbers appropros of who knows.  Not wanting to hog ciwt readers' attention I will come to the end of these little comments on the 85th Academy Awards.

Best: Stacey Keibler.  Fresh and lovely.

Worst: Helen Bonham-Carter.  This is her look; she's always in something like this along with hairdo, expressions.  It makes me smile.

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