Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Run Those Faucets --- Day 2/32

Walk: Mindful Body, etc.
Distance: 1.5 miles and take yoga class

I remember when first on my own ruining a variety of things because I didn't know how to maintain them.  (Luckily I did know to have my car serviced regularly so that wasn't a casualty).  then I got pretty good at knowing how to care for my things.  Until today....when I lost a perfectly good running wet bar.  Now, who uses wet bars?  No one, but they can come in handy for an additional sink from time to time.  Unfortunately those times were waaay far apart and I did not know that - even though you don't use a sink, you need to run the water on a regular basis. 

You've got the picture.  Goodbye sink; the pipes are basically inaccessible.  So this is my public service announcement for those who don't know this about sinks.   I miss it already..

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