Sunday, April 28, 2013

Abroad, Me? Part II --- Day 2/112

Walk: Around the homefront
Distance: Couple of blocks and home yoga practice

Feeling better today about yesterday's yoga teaching upset (see Day 2/211) after receiving apologies and particularly after penning, sending (and receiving many 'rave reviews' on) the following (edited) all time great email:

Subject: Ooops, yesterday

Dear Dedicated Practitioners and Loyal Students,

Whew! I just received an email from the head of the yoga program at The_____, and, as suspected, our 'displacement' after class started yesterday was not meant to be. The workshop was scheduled in the front studio but something seems to have happened 'between the cup and the lip.'

You and all of The _____students and their practices are so valued by the studio and each teacher. Great care is taken by everyone at The _____ to make sure this is communicated and you are honored. The few glitches that happen are unfortunate and unintentional which you probably assume. But still they disrupt the supportive environment we wish to provide for you and your yoga, and I'm sorry for yesterday.
All future workshops have been checked as well as the Teacher Training Program that begins in the fall, and we will be nicely settled in our room from 11:30 - 1:00 throughout .

Thank you for such a focused practice even after changing rooms, and always for your attendance which is so meaningful to me.

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