Saturday, April 20, 2013

Color Wheel Goes Round --- Day 2/105

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 10 blocks, teach yoga class, work with clothes (tiring)

I've decided wearing colors is a job; you have to work at it.  As you know this spring the clothing people got it right colorwise: lots of them and happy without being shrill or washed out pastel.  So spring/summer deprived ciwt gobbled them up and brought them home to her nearly all black closet.

As I did this, the voice of irony said, "Yeh, and pretty soon you'll be craving black."  No way I thought and kept adding more color.

At some point confusion began to reign.  What color to wear? What color to wear it with?  Do they match each other? me? too much?  Is the whole profusion over the top?  Each color has its own energy you must encounter and tame - or least grasp to some degree. Very over stimulating for ciwt, all this working with color.

Imagine being an artist and working closely with colors day in/day out.  Sprong!!

Please don't let this become my living room. Or Van Gogh, here I come...

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