Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It Just Showed Up --- Day 3/199

Walk: Cantor Museum, Stanford Campus
Distance: 8 blocks

Does your doorstep look like this?  More and more Ciwt's does.  She started small and guiltily as a former small bookstore owner with an occasional used book. Then it became the occasional new book as well.  Now,'s haul includes hair spray, earrings, several used books; she hasn't opened all the boxes yet so there may be even more types of items. It's amazingly easy, usually cost effective, free shipping returns and fast with most things arriving in two days if not sooner.

Without realizing it, Ciwt wondered how things could get to her doorstep so quickly.  Then one day one of her yoga students told her his business is developing software for the many local stores and warehouses that fill Amazon orders.  Ciwt's (non-techie) sense is that there are stations of products, and when an order comes in, it goes to the nearest warehouse, lights flash at the various stations or on specially rigged shelves in participating stores and baskets are filled with the ordered items.  So the 'exotic' items on your doorstep might actually have come from just down the street or across town. Or something like that...

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