Saturday, July 19, 2014

Must You Always Ask Why? --- Day 3/188

Walk: Pets Unlimited
Distance: 10 blocks and fluff up deck

Richard Linklater (in vest) during Sundance Kabuki Boyhood Q&A

Boyhood, yes, it is a filming masterpiece and Ciwt thinks it should be seen, period.

Seen more than once? is a question on her mind.  For all its evocative, tender, melancholic, magical capturing of boyhood, there is an absence of psychological depth.  There is an absence of "Why?s" and therefore no attempts to answer.  Everything wondrous, touching, difficult is at face value then gone.  Life keeps moving as life does.

As life does for children through their late teens is maybe what Linklater is communicating.  But are all children unpsychological?  Do they never ask why - just observe, complain a bit, then go along with the circumstances adults put them into at the same time being formed by those circumstances?

Nobody in this movie ever deals with the why, never really deals period - which makes for a loving, lovely, 'pure,' eternal now theater experience, but......?

Or, maybe this all goes to Ciwt being one of the (few?) kids who drove everyone crazy with her constant "Why this?" "Why That?"

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