Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tighter Limits --- Day 3/198

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 1+ mile and teach yoga class

Ciwt was reading that the Minneapolis area is in the process of putting tighter limits on the size of new single family houses so the new houses don't dwarf the old ones.  Sounds like a very good (and overdue in the many McMansion areas) idea and it made Ciwt wonder how the Newport, RI 'cottages' were received by locals in their day.  She is not a complete stranger to splendor, but these mansions, oops cottages, never fail to drop Ciwt's jaw.

Carey Mansion, originally called Seaview Terrace, completed in 1925 is the fifth! largest Newport mansion (or 'cottage')

Rough Point is fourth largest.
This is the Belcourt Castle; the third largest Newport mansion.

Ochre Court is number two.

And the Grandest Mansion, the Largest of all in Newport is The Breakers:
The Breakers Newport.jpg 
   Rear Elevation                                                      Front Drive

                                 The breakers themselves.

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