Monday, November 10, 2014

Eyes of the Beholders --- Day 3/298

Walk: Fillmore Street
Distance: 2 miles and home yoga practice

Roland Pedersen, (to be researched; ca. 1960 o/c)

Years ago Ciwt had this print - or one very much like it - at home on trial.  At home its human remoteness was upsetting and unsettling.  Even the nature was linear, stark, sort of wizard-of-oz. So it went back to the gallery.

It came to mind at the Richmond Art Center the other day while taking in a show of Richard Diebenkorn's drawings. Clearly there is a connection between the artists, and certainly they knew each other with Diebenkorn in Berkeley and Pedersen receiving his MA there and studying with Hans Hoffman.

At the de Young Diebenkorn Berkeley Years show a year or so ago, Ciwt learned there were many people who refused to enter the show or follow docents on their tours.  Ciwt guesses some of those people may have been alienated by Diebenkorn's art in a similar way Ciwt responded to Pedersen.

For some reason, Diebenkorn's art has an entirely different effect on Ciwt.  The color and brushwork are more complex, the nature looks softer, more appealing, and the figures - while unknowable  -also look less hard edged and communicate an interior world.    Your take?

Richard Diebenkorn, Girl on a Porch, 1959, o/c

*For more Diebenkorn thoughts, see CIWT Days 2/162, 2/279, 2/280

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