Monday, November 3, 2014

What, Not Perfect? --- Day 3/291

Walk: Apple Store Corte Madera, Fillmore Street
Distance: 1.5 miles and home yoga

Sob, some Apples are rotten.  Ciwt's not yet one year old* iPad Air actually went kaput and so did it's charger cable.  That was  written up as two separate issues.  Ciwt felt Soooo disillusioned because she'd fallen under the Apple/Prince Charming spell  .

But, wait!  *Because she was still under Apple warranty, she was able to spend 3 hours with an Apple  phone technician, then another one hour in person with another Apple technician, and now she has an entirely new 1. charger cord  and
2. iPad Air , 3. 90 Day replacement warranty on both.  And, along with those, a private educational seminar by her Apple technician about dropping the concept that Apple is perfect.  (He handles many hardware failures/replacements and is paid minimal retail wages just like you read in the NY Times a while back).  And adopting the new, more realistic concept that its service is exceptional, and, with any other product, 'you need to look in the mirror because you will be your own technician.'

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