Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Masters Exploring Originality --- Day 3/300

Walk: Laurel Village, Presidio Parade Grounds
Distance: 4 miles and small home yoga practice

Henri Matisse in his Paris studio (ca 1895?)

Ciwt loves learning this passage from Guy de Maupassant obsessed Matisse during his dramatic artistic shift toward what would later be called Fauvism.

What you have to do is look at what you wish to express long enough and with enough attention to discover an aspect of it that has never been seen or described by anyone before.  There is something unexplored in everything because we have grown used to letting our eyes be conditioned by the memory of what others have thought before us about whatever we are looking ...To describe a blazing fire and a tree on a plain, we must stay put in front of that fire and that tree until for us they no longer resemble any other tree or or any other fire.  That is the way in which you will become original.

                                                                                                Guy de Maupassant, preface to Pierre et Jean 

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