Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Goodbye Waterlilies --- Day 6/16

Walk:  Legion of Honor (Monet/Rodin Tour), AMC Van Ness (Get Out)
Distance: 4.5 miles, small yoga

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It was a long way - aesthetically - from weeks with Monet to an afternoon with a black horror/comedy.  And just what Ciwt needed to break the Monet spell when her tour was over.  Her 'clients' turned out to be a very nice couple from SoCal.  She was extremely receptive and observant; he was a terrific sport and probably in and out of being interested.  For the most part, this is true of many men - if you can even get them to a museum.

Ciwt has actually noticed more older men than usual at museums these days - with their wives.  She thinks this might be because the men have retired, and the couple is looking for daytime activities they can enjoy together. Plus all the rain this year has kept golf courses off limits.

Anyway, Get Out is quite brilliant and certainly riveting.  Ciwt was sitting with one hand at the ready to quickly cover her eyes when a scary scene appeared.  But she wasn't fast enough! Sort of Psycho-ish; things jumped out from nowhere.  Like Psycho (which it isn't at all), there was an intelligence behind the action, not just horror for horror's sake.  And there is plenty of subtle, sharp satirical humor - which emanates directly from Truth.

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