Friday, March 17, 2017

In'Spired' --- Day 6/25

Walk: Presidio Art Tour by Ciwt
Distance: 5.5 miles, home yoga

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Andy Goldsworth standing in front of (part of )his Spire (2008)
                                              Image result for andy goldsworthy presidio tour
           Spire: 90' Tall, 15' Diameter, 37 Cypress trunks,* San Francisco Presidio

So now Ciwt remembers why she started her little art tour business!  Wonderful group of four friends this afternoon, all delightful, outdoorsy, interested in art, appreciative, etc...Perfect weather.  Yay!

*The trees (Monterey cypress, Monterey pine and Eucalyptus) in the Presidio were overplanted in the original and huge landscaping effort of ca.1885-1920. Also the cypress and pines have a life span of approximately 100 years.  So, since the early 1900's there has been an on-going need and program for thinning as well as re-planting) the Presidio forest.  The trees in Goldsworthy's sculptures were all harvested at the proper time and stock-piled for possible future use.

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