Tuesday, March 28, 2017

M/D --- Day 6/37

Walk: SFMOMA Tour
Distance: 3.5 miles

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  Diebenkorn                                      Matisse

So there's a Matisse/Diebenkorn show at SFMOMA these days that 'demonstrates' Diebenkorn revered Matisse (rightfully Ciwt thinks - if the whole premise is true) and was inspired by him throughout his career.  The curators have, as above, one artist next to another 'showing' the samenesses.

Well, anything that sucks the soul out of Matisse (and secondarily Diebenkorn) is going be something that alienates Ciwt.  And indeed the show is alienating to her.  For one thing, these are not good Matisses (Those are in Russia) and cherry picked to show Diebenkorn likenesses.  For another, all the comparisons refer to technique as if all that was on either artist's mind was technique - brushstroke, how much canvas to let show, palette - with no deep feeling for subject matter and passion.
Thirdly, Matisse is in an entirely different artistic realm, on a different art planet, from Diebenkorn. Hanging him in comparison mode with a much lesser artist is, what?, crass borrowing from Matisse's unique talents and exalted place in art history - in order to create a false show that would attract a paying audience.

It's difficult to convey.  Imagine your favorite pianist and then put him/her beside, say, Billy Joel. Then watch a video of your favorite pressing a key and another of BJ pressing a key is a similar manner.  And pushing the pedal and running fingers down the keyboard, etc.

Diebenkorn would have known all this, and, if he were alive, Ciwt wonders if he would have sanctioned such a show - even though it fills many rooms with excellent Diebenkorns - and lesser Matisses.

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