Wednesday, March 15, 2017

X = New, With Weights --- Day 6/23

Walk: No.  Took a chance on on-line exercises and ...
Distance: A few blocks

Image result for getting injured doing online exercises
Possible Internet Instructions: Stand on top of a high chair, leap really, really high and out while flinging your legs and arms strongly into space, head and neck should be waaaay.  Once you've mastered the basics, challenge yourself with ankle and hand weights  - increast over time. This exercise is rejuvenating and body sculpting for all ages, all conditions, begin immediately and wait for admiring glances.

Warning.  Don't just read about it on the net and start some new exercise routine (with weights).
Who knows that better than former (and future?) yoga teacher, Ciwt.?  Of course she didn't listen to her teacher self, and now has a slightly wrenched back.  (Luckily, she listened to herself a little or her back would be a lot worse).  Same goes for all new exercise routines: Be cautious.

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