Friday, July 14, 2017

Bring in the Clowns - Please --- Day 6/144

Walk: 'The Club'
Distance: A few Blocks, Hit bucket of balls, small yoga

Edvard Munch, The Sick Child, L: 1896, R; 1907, oil on canvas

So how fun can Ciwt make her tour tomorrow with the Edvard Munch exhibition being the centerpiece?  Challenging because every canvas - without exception - depicts true personal scenes of death, despair, get the picture.  And certain particularly wrenching events are painted not just once, but as many as six times in the case of The Sick Child, his depictions of his favorite sister, Sophie's, death.  

Then there is this pairing of the family on that same occasion painted nearly thirty years apart - and very different technically.


Death in the Sick Room, 1893; Death Struggle 1915, oil on canvas

The multiple versions and sameness of subject matter are very good for showing Munch's stylistic changes over time.  But how will the heart-rending topics affect Ciwt's tour members?  She'll find out tomorrow....

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