Monday, July 31, 2017

Questions --- Day 6/161

Walk: Sonoma, Santa Rosa Properties
Distance: 1 mile
For Instance
In her quest to make absolutely sure she is ready to be owned by a new cat(s), Ciwt is living a few questions.  Today's was whether she (and her new cat(s) might  enjoy having a second home near San Francisco where the weather is warm, the skies are clear, the parking is abundant, etc.  So she met a realtor in country like that and found, yes, all those things are there And the houses have things like: large yards, multiple bedrooms and baths, large modern kitchens, huge garages, pools, nearby golf, biking and hiking trails.

How nice to be on the land and sense lovely things growing; all this space, beauty, comfort and ease should make Ciwt (and the cat(s)) happy.  But actually, it turned out Ciwt's favorite part of the day was returning to her fog-bound, windy city and aerie condo with its New York sense of space (ie, every inch can/must be used for something).

Hope the cat(s) aren't disappointed...

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