Friday, July 28, 2017

Night at the (Merola) Opera (Training) --- Day 6/157

Walk: Sf Conservatory of Music
Distance: About a mile

In her new out and and about life Ciwt accepted an invitation to a Master Class at Merola Opera Program.  Mer ..what? you might ask.  Ciwt had heard the name but not connected it to a prestigious 'only in San Francisco' summer training program for select young opera singers, accompaniests and set managers.  She, who knows little but is learning about opera music, was fascinated - and anxious for the performers.  With their exceptional vocal 'equipment' each young talent sounded fabulous to Ciwt right from their first recital.  But not so for the world world renowned opera trainer who - in front of the audience - reviewed and critiqued virtually every note and gesture of each singer's aria then instructed them to sing according to his 'suggestions' again and again and again....  They would literally be breathless at the end of their master class- and so would Ciwt.  Amazingly exacting and thrilling stuff...

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