Thursday, May 31, 2018

Home Town Favorites --- Day 7/92

Walk: Marin Driving Day (Cibo, San Rafael)
Distance:  A few blocks, Yoga

MacBook Air with Allbird Loungers

With all her walking Ciwt craves really comfortable shoes.  Meaning shoes with support along the lines of ski boots.  When the raves about Allbird shoes reached her, she dismissed them out of hand.  Allbirds might be as comfortable as people said, but how in the world could wool shoes possibly support your feet for a moment?!  This is the Ciwt who dismissed raves about the iPhone out of hand, so you know where this is going.  Allbirds are tough, strong birds that cushion your feet. And, boy, will they be the perfect thing to wear while she works on her array of Apple devices (and elsewhere).

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