Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018, Presidio of San Francisco --- Day 7/89

Walk: Presidio 150th Memorial Day Service
Distance: 4 miles

Memorial Day 2018, San Francisco Presidio, Program
Color Guard
Speakers (Dianne Feinstein here)

             Marching Band 

                                                               Fly By
Vets and other attendees leave the ceremony
26,425 Stay

Volunteer Boy and Girl Scouts place a flag and red rose on every grave

Ciwt's father, who served in WW II and lost his brother in that war, wasn't a demonstrative man, but get him near a parade, and the tears flowed. Mention patriotism, parades, that Jimmy Cagney music to Ciwt, and you get pretty much the same reaction.

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