Friday, July 26, 2019

12 Step for What? --- Days 8/108,9,10,11,12,13

Walks:  6 Days of Hood, PGCC, Union Square, (pickleball courts)
Distance: average 4 miles, exercise classes, hours and hours of pickleball

When Ciwt told a friend she'd started playing Pickleball, her friend said she'd heard the game was addictive.  Ha Ha went Ciwt.  No Way she assured her friend.  No more getting addicted to a sport for Ciwt; she was too old and there wasn't enough time for such foolishness.

So, where has Ciwt been for the past six days?  Well, 
AND Book Club

Then maybe a little .  

But then she was right off to a wonderful production  of Cabaret at SF Playhouse 

And after that just to, you know, recharge  a wee bit of pickleball.

But being ultra busy and certainly not the least addicted she went to one of the first showings of the fabulous QuentonTarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

That was after her morning game of, well, 

But, you can see Ciwt has a very full, diverse life, and there is No Way she has become addicted to 
the ridiculous game of 

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