Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Asia is a Vast and Varied Continent (Yay!) --- Days 8/102-104

Walks: Book Club (There,There), Pickleball (2), Exercise/Training; Asian Art Museum
Distance: 2 miles, 4 Hours Pickleball, 1 1/2 Hours Exercise/Training; 4 miles

Zhang Shun, the White Streak in the Waves, c. 1827-1830. 
Woodblock print; ink and colors on paper by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861)

So Ciwt completed the journey through both tattoo shows at our local museums* by going to the Asian Art Museum today.  Luckily it was a small show, but, even then Ciwt stopped being able to look before completing it and can say officially that tattoo/body art, meticulous and meaningful as it is for many people, is not for her.  But she does have a deeper appreciation and respect for the history of tattoo art and the sensibilities of those who are attracted to/obsessed with tattoos.  Good for the museums for expanding her awareness - and good also her tattoo tours are over.

Cup with European mount, 1650-1750,
India, Nephrite (jade), silver, gilding enamel and garnets
French fittings c 1850-1880, by Parisian jeweler Jules Wiese (1819-1890)

Asian art is vast in its variety, and, after the tattoos, Ciwt enjoyed going up to the third floor where she was soothed by the delicately carved jade objects which are one pride of the Asian's collection.

* Tattoos in Japanese Prints, Asian Art Museum
   Ed Hardy, Deeper than Skin, deYoung Museum

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