Friday, July 19, 2019

Art in the Family --- Days 8/105 & 6

Walk: 1. Piedmont Drive; 2. Pickleball Court, Hood
Distance:1,  Lots of lifting getting art up for show; 2. 3 Hours Pickleball, 2 miles, stretch

Two contempory quilts and encaustic painting (with Yale tote)

 In Ciwt's next life, she wants to have a wonderful, close and artistic relationship with her daughter like a college friend has with her daughter. (And a terrific father/husband).  Ciwt's friend is a watercolorist and encaustic painter and her daughter is a contemporary quilter.  Twice now they have had a large joint show which Ciwt has helped hang.  It's a lot of work* but worth it because people come from all over the Bay Area to enjoy the art, mother/daughter ambiance - and to purchase some quality works for their homes or offices.

Two encaustic paintings and quilt

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