Sunday, November 17, 2019

CHRI__ What? --- Day 8/224

Walk: Cinema Club, Hood
Distance: 3 miles, small yoga

What you are looking at above is CRISPR under a microscope, the discovery of which is dramaticly changing the world.  Whether in positive or negative ways is anybody's guess, literally.  This is what Ciwt took away from her Cinema Club doc today followed by discussion with a prominent science writer.  

She's quite sure she wouldn't have chosen to see Human Nature* so became glad Cinema Club  screened it today.  (Her first reaction: Oh, no..) She wouldn't drag you to the theater, but the doc is very well done, informative to the layperson and the scientist alike (there are several in Ciwt's San Francisco audience) and does Not employ scare tactics or politics.  It's in most of our human natures to be curious, and you'll definitely walk out of the theater knowing more about your world then when you went in.

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