Sunday, November 3, 2019

Cinema Club Catch Up --- Day 8/210

Walk: Cinema Club (Waves)
Distance:  2.3 Miles, Yoga

Writer Director Trey Edwars Shults' WAVES
The acting is uniformly excellent and the story has depth and poignancy, but ultimately Ciwt felt Waves is a sound and light show in search of a movie.  By sound she means thudding bass amplified at the lowest, loudest decibel level and by light she means strobes, and by movie, she means 135 minutes chock full of those technical tricks.  Several audience members had to leave early because of them and those who stayed understood the decision to make the tricks such a large part of Waves (the tech world young people live in today) but still found them off-putting.

Too bad because Waves has much to say (and she'd recommend it to certain people), but the audience has to work very hard to hear it.

Francois Ozon's By the Grace of God
By the Grace of God was the Cinema Club movie Ciwt missed while in New York.  It opened this week in San Francisco.  Probably she wouldn't have gone so if she hadn't been curious about why Cinema Club had selected it.  After all, all the journalistic pieces, books and movies about pedophile priests Ciwt didn't feel uninformed about the topic and had trepidation about being dragged through some sort of wringer.  But not at all.  By the Grace of God, is very compelling, well done and feels as much like a thriller as an informative movie about the intelligence, stamina and courage of wounded men pursuing a present day legal battle.

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