Monday, November 4, 2019

What's Up with Our Owners? --- Day 8/211

Walk: Monday Errands
Distance: 2.4 miles, Yoga

Resting Up So They Can Rally Their (Apparently Confused)  Owners At Meal Times

These days right after Daylight Savings ends are always disorienting.  For everyone Ciwt assumes, and particularly for those of us with pets.  Just when we are expecting to wake up to more light, we wake up to even more darkness our physical clocks have 'fallen back' but our animals'  internal clocks haven't changed at all. The supposedly bright new 7 a.m. for Ciwt is actually the dark old 6 a.m. and breakfast time for them.  So there they are running all over Ciwt's bed, batting at her, doing whatever they can to get her up and to their food preparation.

Same mismatch in the afternoon.  As Ciwt settles more deeply into the peace of an afternoon book (So Big at the moment), her cats are crawling all over her.  They can tell by the light it is dinner time.
And Ciwt looks at her watch, then looks out the window, and sees that they are right.  It's near dark, and she wonders where the day went.

Somehow we all adjust within a week and all goes smoothly until the discombobulation of 'Springing Ahead' into Daylight Savings.

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