Tuesday, December 15, 2020

And the Winner Is --- Days 9/238 & 239

Walk: 1. Pickleball 2. No; Day of  preparing recycling pickup

Distance: 1. 3 miles, 90 minutes pickle  2. .5 miles, Yoga

So to give you a little insight into Ciwt's covid lockdown life, the other day she found herself bingeing on Elvis.  You Tube videos and a couple of documentaries on him.  A fact from one of the latter continues to blow her away a bit:

Turns out Elvis wasn't at all popular in school, quiet and actually considered peculiar, "a nothing," or whatever terms 50's teenagers might have used.  Then he happened to enter the annual school talent contest at L.C. Humes High School.  He was 16, it was his first high school performance so they probably didn't give his entry a thought.  On the day of the show the audience - kids, parents, grandparents, a bunch of locals - filled the auditorium.  When Elvis was introduced, he walked on  alone, and gave them.... "Old Shep."*

Can you imagine?!!  They had absolutely no idea what was coming, and there on their aauditorium stage was that extraordinary rich voice delivering a song that tears hearts apart. Probably there was silence for a moment, then they demanded an encore - all clapping, most completely stunned, some dissolved in tears. They must have known they were hearing something completely special, but, Ciwt doubts any of them guessed that just five years later that quiet boy would be ELVIS, the international sensation.  


*He had actually sung "Old Shep" for a singing contest at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show.  It was his first public performance, age 10 and needing to stand on a chair to reach the microphone. He came in 5th and won $5 and a ticket to all the fair rides.

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