Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine Flowers --- Day 9/300

Walk: Presidio Pickleball

Distance: 2 miles, 1 hour Pickle, Yoga

So on Valentine's Day Ciwt's mind goes to flowers.

She's reported before that she would surely have tried to corner the market and wound up in debtors' prison during Holland's 17th century tulipmania.  Such is her supreme affection for that flower. 

But she doesn't remember telling you that one of the reasons she makes so many trips to Trader Joe's is for his Alstromerias.  When she gets home with a new bunch it's like Valentine's Day while she loses herself cutting and arranging the beautiful colors. herself cutting. Often she puts anywhere from three to nine stems in a vase, but sometimes just a single one will do.

Either way, the "Peruvian Lilies" are like delicate sunshine, lighting up her home and heart. - and lasting for weeks.

Oh, and they are often known as the "Flower of Friendship" so a perfect way to say Happy Valentines Day to her readers.

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