Monday, February 1, 2021

Lights, Water, Man --- Day 287

Walk: Day of Rest and Reading

Distance: n/a, Yoga

Carl Svantje Hallbeck (Swedish 1826-97), Waterfall Harspanget, 1856, chromolithograph printed by Julius Hellesen, 7.7" x 10.7"

So, mindful that the East Coast is in the midst of a blizzard today, Ciwt is back to winter and early artistic accomplishments. She has never seen the aurora borealis (northern lights)* but can't imagine it could be much more spectacular than this 1856 print.  What a fine, almost chilling, image!  

If Ciwt had been sitting on a rock cliff with eerie lights flashing and dancing above her and waterfalls and white rapids thundering around her, she doubts she would have been chatting with friends around a campfire.  Guess people were much more courageous back then....Or - and probably - the print is an artistic statement about man's relationship with nature.  What do you think Hallbeck is saying about that?

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