Thursday, September 16, 2021

Eye of the Beholder --- Days 10/130, 131, 132

Walk: 1. Golden Gate Park Pickleball 2. Museums to prepare for art tour 3. Union Square

Distance: 1. 1.2 miles, 90 minutes pickle, yoga 2. 4.5 miles (just walking museums!) 3. 1.6 miles, Yoga

Pierre Bonnard (Fr. 1867-1947), The Breakfast Room, 1930-31, 5.24' x 3.7' oil on canvas

Encountering Pierre Bonnard's (Fr. 1867-1947) cheerfully colored, patterned and intimate paintings is always uplifting for Ciwt.  The lines and exact features of his subjects are a bit soft and indistinct, but for Ciwt this adds to their charm and accessibility.  She feels welcome in the bright, homey scenes.

Other art viewers take issue, including none other than Picasso, 'The Man', who loathed Bonnard's work. He dismissed Bonnard's style as "piddling" and "a potpourri of indecision."    

Meanwhile, on one of Ciwt's art tours, one of her clients nearly came undone expressing his passionate dislike of Picasso's art.

So goes art viewing.....

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