Thursday, September 9, 2021

Wheeling Around --- Day 10/126

Walk: No

Distance: n/a

Sky Star Wheel, Golden Gate Park

So, when there weren't any Wednesday matinees for poor Ciwt to go to yesterday, she walked over to Golden Gate Park and was reminded of the Ferris wheel that is there for an extended stay to celebrate the park's 150th anniversary.  And she thought "why not?"

Often Ciwt is the first to poo-poo such attractions - too costly, too silly, too old timey, etc. - and the first to enjoy them when her thinking is ignored, the attractions/events arrive and she actually participates. Which is exactly what happened yesterday after she climbed into her private gondola and went up, up, up and around her beautiful city.

Gorgeous, although when the wheel was stopped while Ciwt was at the very top, and her gondola was creaking and bumping as it blew around, she was thankful she wasn't taking her ride on one of the many  blustery days we've had this summer.

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