Monday, September 20, 2021

Itineraries? We Got Em --- Days 10/134, 135 & 136

Walk: 1. Hood  2. T Joe's  3. Presidio after day at computer

Distance: 1. 1.5 miles  2. 2.5 miles 3. 4.5 miles

Report from Ciwt's Desktop Central:

Right when Ciwt finally had her extensive art tour itinerary ready, her client emailed to cancel. (Covid paperwork delays in Amsterdam. He is forgiven).  Then, within ten minutes, another person with a  completely different wish list contacted her.  She's coming the day after the canceler was to take his tour, so Ciwt has been creating and tearing up itineraries like mad instead of paying good attention to her valued CIWT readers.  

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