Monday, September 27, 2021

Hello, Sis --- Days 10/137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143

Walk: 1.GG Pickleball 2. Buying gorceries for sister visit 3. GG Bridge sightseeing/bonding begins 4.  GG Park 5. Legion of Honor 6 .Japantown, Chinatown sister leaves

Distance:1. 1.6 miles, 90 (hot 🌞) minutes pickle 2. 2.8 miles 3. 6 miles 4. 7.5 miles 5.7 miles 6. 3.5 miles 7. staring into space

So, Ciwt has a sister!  22 years younger, a different mother, unseen except about four times in either of our lives.  And, suddenly last week, her sister got inspired to make a last minute (to say the least!) trip to visit Ciwt.  Scary, strangers really; how would it go?!

Well, she and the trip were fabulous!  She's smart, curious, loves to walk and explore, champion athlete, high energy, tons of fun, real, funny.  We spent 3.5 days together mostly walking to as many sightd and  restaurants as we could pack in while laughing, talking, bonding.  It was amazing.  

Turns out it's great to have a sister.

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