Sunday, July 10, 2022

From the Met to Broadway --- Days 11/152 & 153

Walk/Lope: 1. FS Conservatory of Music  2. Sunday Hood

Distance: 2. 2 miles, small yoga  3. 5.5 miles

So, the LP of South Pacific was on again and again in Ciwt's childhood house. And every time she heard opera star Ezio Pinza's glorious version of Some Enchanted Evening, Ciwt's heart melted a little.  

With that memory in mind she headed off yesterday to a concert given by this year's Merolta Opera Program trainees. Merola is regarded as one world's foremost programs for aspiring singers, pianist/coaches and stage directors, and they would be singing and playing selections from the American Songbook. Ciwt was excited to hear this.

Well....Pinza, Mario Lanza, Patrice Munsel and other opera stars who excelled on Broadway must have had special training to tailor their talents to the theater stage.  Especially in enunciation.  The notes sung by the young trainees yesterday were so full and elongated that the words were muffled.  The low notes all sounded like dirges no matter how upbeat the song, and you can just imagine how intensely shrill the women sounded when they reached their climactic high points.  

Oh dear.  Still Ciwt was happy to support Merola and wishes the trainees fine and long careers.  This was their first concert of the summer training, and some of them had just flown in a day or so before the concert. Several were porbably from abroad and had no idea what in the world tunes like Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree were all about.  It's also doubtful any of the rest of their training will include the Amercan Songbook.  Better to hone their extraordinary gifts for the likes of Aida, Tosca, La Traviata; they can learn Cabaret, Ya Got Trouble, and of course Some Enchanted Evening some other time. 

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