Monday, July 11, 2022

Ms. Clean --- Day 11/154

Walk/Lope:  Monday errands and Laundry!

Distance: 2 miles, yoga


So, besides the 'unreal' park across the street, another thing Ciwt was too fancy for - or something - was her new home's community laundry machines.  She'd need a pastle of quarters, have to stand in line waiting for a machine, have no idea if her things were safe and when they'd be ready, these imagined inconveniences for Ciwt and more were just too much for her.

Finally today she deigned to grab her laundry basket, get in the elevator! and ride down to the laundry room.  Which was empty - with a sea of machines completely available, easy instructions with exact times for both both the washing and drying cycles, security because only other building people can enter (plus most have w/d's of their own).  Oh, and did she mention, they are easily operated with credit cards so absolutely no quarters necessary?

She loaded the washer, inserted her card, got back in the elevator!, and rode right back up to her place knowing exactly when to ride back down to move things to the dryer.  And, if the machines break down, the building maintenance people - not Ciwt - will handle it.  

Wrong again 😁 Yay!

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