Saturday, July 2, 2022

Just Who Invented Throw Pillows? --- Days 11/141 - 145

Walks: 1. Walk: GG Pickleball, Crown Point Press,  2-4. Various Hood Errands

Distances: 1. 3.6 miles, 90 minutes pickle,  2-4. 4 miles walk/lope/small yoga

So, now where has Ciwt been?  Well, drowning in throw pillows. Her new place requires new daily activities to replace her 40 year patterns in her old one.  So, a few days ago she sat down at her computer and ordered throw pillows on line.  One by one they've arrived - looking different from their online images: too bright, too fat, not soft enough, bigger or smaller than expected, etc.  And Ciwt has been going crazy trying to make them work.  

Part of her is ready to have them all just disappear. 

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