Friday, July 15, 2022

Ms. Clean, Part II --- Days 11/155, 156, 157, 158

Walks/Lopes: 1-4: Hood basically

Distances: 1-4: 4.5 miles

Four more days have gone by and Ciwt must have something to tell you about except her adjust to her new home and her wrong-headed assumptions in the process.  But, no such luck; sorry dear readers. 

So today she'll tell you about her clothes washer.  Yes, she has one of those in her place.  All it does is wash. She thought that was preposteous and basically useless.  And truth be told so did her realtor and the building maintenance person among others.  

But, again, Ciwt - and others in this case - was wrong. A washer-only is quite useful several things - certainly delicates that shouldn't be tossed around and around in the dryer.  And, you know what else is nice she's learned?  Air drying.  Just like in the old days.  Takes several hours, even a day.  But the little w/d's that are sold for under the counter take at least 5 hours to dry loads and drain electricity and water in the process.  Plus most have such terrible reputations for breaking down irrepairably that many of the best appliance stores won't even carry them.

So, now you know ........😉

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