Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Crack Pot --- Days 13/2-4

 Walks: Legion of Honor Museum, Marin Shopping

Distances: Average 3.5 miles

Bouke de Vries (English), Memories in Porcelain
So Ciwt would be excellent at the first stage of Bouke de Vries' work: breaking the porcelain.
When she's done that, she has sometimes tried to used Super Glue to 'restore' the piece.  Tried and failed so she has sadly discarded the 'useless' shards.

But to de Vries, those broken fragments, represent a new life for the pieces.  He sees what he calls 'beauty in destruction' and makes them into new and original 'memory vessels.' Yes, the porcelains have lost their original flawlessness, but de Vries finds a new model for finding value in ceramic objects - whether broken, intact or reassemble.

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