Monday, January 22, 2024

Moving On With LUGG --- Day 13/16

Walk: Public Storage

Distance: 3 miles

Bye, Bye 43+ Years of Stuff

So San Francisco has a service called LUGG that has been invaluable to Ciwt in her moves out and in and out.  You can call them and request nearly instant service, and, with bells on, they come through.  

For instance, today Ciwt woke up finally ready to let go of a lot of things - furniture,etc - she was done with but still holding on to.  So she hurried her fingers to the LUGG app and chose the option of a small van with two men in less than 30 minutes. And in 15 minutes they were at her home.  Things from there were loaded into the van first, then it was off to Public Storage for the rest.  Two hours later the stuff was on to new homes and Ciwt was home and free.  Yay, LUGG or whatever similar services her readers may have where they live.

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