Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A+ Birdwatching --- Day 13/24

Walk: Hood
Distance: 3 miles

So today Ciwt was walking by the little park next door which, it turns out, is known among birdwatchers as one of the best.  It is also a major home base for growing flocks of red headed parakeets (which are mistakenly though understandably called Wild Parrots).  Bright green and chattery they swirl around the park neighborhood, landing here and there for a while on trees and rooftops.  You feel lucky if you see them in flight or for a moment on their temporary perches.

But not today.  Ciwt heard the usual squacking but assumed the parakeets were hidden in some trees.  Then she looked up to her left and saw a bunch of them just hanging out on a bare limbed wintering tree.  Maybe the birds would stay for a moment longer and she could have a closer look, so she climbed up the stairs and saw several people with their iphone cameras pointed at the birds.  Surely the birds would fly away any moment with all these people around.

No, they stayed put, still squaking and flitting around, but right there.  Beautiful, antic and fun to watch.


Now this is the kind of bird watching that appeals to Ciwt!

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