Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Save $30 on CIWT --- Day 12/363

Walk: Marin Drive, then Union Square

Distance: 2 miles 

So, Ciwt will now save you the $10 surcharge on top of the $20 entry fee (Total: $30)  to see artist Yayoi Kusuma's Infinity Rooms at SFMOMA.

The Rooms are sold out on line so she needed to purchase her ticket several months in advance. When she got to her time slot the line wasn't bad, although she heard that people the day before had waited an hour beyond their entry time.  

She was given a little introductory lecture about basically what to expect, then her group of 12 was escorted to the door of the first Room and let into the first Mirrored Infinity Room:


Then after the allowed two minutes, her group was let out of that Room and taken to the second one titled Infinite Love.

Two minutes later she was let out, and her $30 experience was complete.  

She can't recall being particularly moved except to be glad she hadn't decided to take in the Rooms in L.A. at the Broad Museum where the lines (of mostly teenagers) was hours long but the 'timed' admission was free.

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