Saturday, January 13, 2024

Review or Movie? --- Day 13/7

Walk: AMC Kabuki

Distance: 2 rainy windy miles

Ciwt has a habit of not reading any reviews before seeing a movie.  She does pay attention to Rotten Tomatoes and word of mouth.  So when she heard Sandra Huller, who was so outstanding in Anatomy of a Fall, was equally as good in The Zone of Interest she put that movie on her list.

It took a while to get to San Francisco, arriving yesterday. Ciwt went today.  And, oh my. Oh. My.  Maybe she should have read a couple of reviews.

Sandra Huller was indeed impeccably excellent - as was the whole movie.  An impeccable portrayal of the banal, soulless efficiency of pure evil.  The movie is methodically chilling, disturbing and unremitting; no fantastical events or remotely pretty music. You know precisely what is happening and there's no place to divert your attention.  It you are prepared for this, this presentation of the Nazi death camps, go because The Zone of Interest is an excellent some say masterpiece production.  If not but you're curious, Ciwt suggests just reading a few reviews.

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