Monday, January 29, 2024

Survivor Guilt --- Day 13/23

Walk: Hood 

Distance: 2 miles

As most of Ciwt's readers know, the 49ers survived as victors in yesterday's playoff game against the Detroit Lions.  We're relieved and happy out here, but there is no overturned cars joyous celebration.  To get to the Super Bowl, the 49ers had to dash the hopes of a team beloved in many areas of the country - including the Bay Area.  Lots of people out here are either from Detroit or spent many years rooting for the franchise and many of them were in the stands yesterday. 

When the Lions came to play San Francisco it was their first Super Bowl opportunity since the franchise began as the Portsmouth (Ohio) Spartans in 1930.  And they almost did it!  So close; they were fired up with energy and played beautifully.  So beautifully, at half time Ciwt congratulated her friend who grew up near Detroit and said she would happily cheer for the Lions in the Super Bowl. But as Yogi Berra said: It's not over till its over....

Most fans out here were mindful of the 49ers' difficult task as spoilers.  Those who weren't were reminded in sympathetic columns by our local sportswriters.  As long time sports writer Ann Killian wrote before the game: They (the 49ers) are the villians in this script.  And after the game, she acknowledged both the sensational playing of the 49ers in the second half and some of the coaching errors that changed the Lions' momentum.*

Survivor guilt:  If the 49ers beat the Lions, it would be inevitable.  They did....

*If you are interested to read her pre- and post-game columns, here is a link:

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