Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Tomato* Hello --- Day 200 (!)

Walk: CPMC (for cosmetic skin ideas), Fillmore Street
Distance: 18 blocks

Let's see, I've been out here in San Francisco for 43 years on and off, and tomorrow for the first time I will go to actual downtown Sacramento.  I've driven by it several times on the way to Tahoe - hoping as I approached that I'd timed the traffic correctly and could just whisk right by on the freeway (I-80) that belts it.  And that has always been the case.  A few times I looked out the window and noticed a pretty river or some distinguished looking building.  (Probably the Capital Building as Sacramento is our capital city)  But mostly it was just 'Goodie, got through there in a hurry, on to Tahoe.' 

But tomorrow I leave our natural 'air conditioning' (read parka weather) and rediscover summer.  It was 91 degrees there yesterday, a a dry, Hot heat.  I'll go with friends from my docent training and we'll see a museum that apparently has one of the best collections of American art and furniture in the West and then a museum devoted to Indian baskets.  Probably we'll eat somewhere in the city (small 'c') and we can't help but see more than just the museums.

I'm looking forward to it.  An adventure - with no airplane in sight.  Also a fun, intelligent, learned group.  Stay tuned....

*One of Sacramento's nicknames - along with Camilla City, Almond Capital of the World and a few others.

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