Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trader Joe's --- Day 187

Walk: R/T Mindful Body, small errands
Distance: 1.5 miles, take class, teach private

When Trader Joe's opened their store near me about 7 years ago, I'd go maybe once a month for basics like paper towels.  Each trip I began to get more of a hang and notice more and more of their incredible prices - starting with flowers.  Then juices, cereals, nuts, wines.  I also noticed how pleasant it was to shop there because of the employees - nice, efficient, friendly, helpful, really know the merchandise.  Now I go practically every day and think of it as my main grocery store.  (If I were a top notch cook I don't know how I'd relate to TJ's, but it is just the ticket for non-foodies like me).

Caution:  See what the man below is doing?  People see a line of cars waiting to get into the TJ's lot and try to outmaneuver it maybe without knowing they have parking attendants and the line moves really, really quickly.  (Trust me, no one dislikes lines more than I do).  The road they do this on is one of the busiest in San Francisco - with four lanes of people whizzing cross-town.  There are also several blind hills.  Unfortunately, no more than 100 yards from where this man is walking, a 25 year old aspiring architect was struck and killed by a driver who came over the rise and could not possibly have avoided her.

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