Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independent I, Aye, Eye --- Day 179

Walk: 2 R/T Mindful Body
Distance: 16 blocks, teach one class, take a restorative one

Second to Thanksgiving, this is my favorite holiday.  Not so when I was young and it was about occupying myself along with other kids bored in the huge stretch after hot dogs while parents 'socialized' until it was dark (and mosquito-y) enough for fireworks to begin.  They didn't particularly warrant the wait, and then finally, home. 

But now as an adult I can choose to forgo hot dogs, any parties, fireworks (except those I can view from my windows).  I love/honor/believe in/value what the holiday is essentially about: Independence and Freedom.  And the United States.  And also what it is not about: fill in the blank.  I feel particularly free to do as I wish this day and meditate in my own way at my own pace on my appreciation/gratitude for the country I was lucky enough to be born, raised and live in.

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