Sunday, July 29, 2012

The King of Versailles --- Day 204

Walk: Very little.  To and from car and Embarcadero Theater garage (The Queen of Versailles)
Distance:  Maybe 6 blocks - but tomorrow I teach 4 times

Here's 'Versailles' in Orlando, Fla. - the 90,000 sq ft 'home' on 10 virgin acres a nouveau/then ruined/now-making-a-financial-comeback-of-some-sort billionaire couple are hoping to finish.  Besides the animals dead from neglect, the most chilling scene in a movie of many chilling scenes is an interview with the timeshare billionaire ceo when he talks about what he hopes to do if he can get his business up and running again.  Thinking of an earlier scene where he spoke with pride about the way he had added to the lives of so many people by bearing, marrying and employing them, I expected him to say he was looking forward to being able to offer his former employees their jobs back.  They are the human comparable to the dead and neglected animals.  But instead - with no mention of all who have suffered along with him and his companies - he begins recounting all the material accomplishments he will finally fulfill.  The project that haunts him the most and drives him to tireless rumination and fund-raising attempts is this house - this Versailles.  You realize - without condemnation because of how well this documentary is handled - that he has not one shred of compassion, empathy, concern for others, depth or ability to deepen.

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