Saturday, July 14, 2012

CIWT Knows Bags --- Day 189

Walk: Mindful Body, Downtown/Union Square
Distance:  3.5 Miles and teach yoga class

 Well, maybe I should take back yesterday's entry about knowing nothing about handbags.  I went to look at the handbag array downtown (on a Saturday - Wow.  Between the bags and the crowds, quite an undertaking).  But I digress:  When I went into Coach, they immediately complimented me on my bag.  'Sure,' I thought, just a salesperson's ploy.  But then I noticed they had a whole fall line in a similar burgundy patent as my bag. Same thing happened in Longchamps; the salesman actually had a long talk with me about my bag and how much he liked some of the features and hardware.  Okay, on to some other fancy store where again the clerk commented on my bag and how good it looked with my jacket.

So, here's the story on it: I got it at a thrift store about 4 years ago for something like $30. 

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